The learning community of our school seeks to consistently promote a positive, respectful and safe environment, where resilient individuals achieve their full potential and are inspired to be lifelong learners.
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A group of 5C working hard on their dot paintings

Aboriginal Dot Paintings in Stage 3

5C Demonstrates their Creativity in Class 5C has been learning about the Stolen Generation, so we decided to try dot painting to understand a bit more about Aboriginal culture and history. We looked at some images of traditional... Read more

Skoolbag App

Currently we have a lot of families who have downloaded the school App to keep up-to-date with regular information and alerts, which is fantastic. This is our main form of communcation, and we encourge you to download the App if... Read more

Sightword Swatting

Kindergarten Literacy Groups

The range of literacy needs in the Kindergarten classroom are vast, with some children beginning school able to read and write, whilst others are still learning basic literacy skills...and that's okay. This year, two of our... Read more